Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brand New Items Just Added!!

We never slow down here at Turquoise Canyon. Whether taking pictures, writing descriptions, answering questions, or adding information to our blog we're always trying to add to the Turquoise Canyon experience. Today I'm writing to introduce a few of our new items; click here to see the most recent list of new items. Our newest set of items includes necklace, pendants and more. Today I'll point out a few, but please take a look at them all.

First, we've added this Santo Domingo shell pendant by Rudy and Mary Coriz. This beautiful Pendant features traditional Santo Domingo artistry. The shell is enhanced with beautiful cuts of Turquoise and a single cut of Lapis bordered along one edge by a Sterling Silver band. The reverse of the shell is signed RC and has Mary's Trademark Feather. This style is very typical of the amazing work done by members of the Santo Domingo tribe. A beautiful dark orange and brown scallop shell creates the foundation of this piece. The turquoise stone has been chosen as a great offset to those colors with its rich blue color. The single lapis stone adds to the striking detail.
The final addition of the sterling silver banding that edges the transition from the shell to the inlay work is truly well done and adds elegance to this traditional piece.

Another addition is this wonderful double sided, swivel Zuni pendant. Finely crafted on both sides, this piece is certainly a true work of art. It features a Kachina Dancer made mostly of mother of pearl. The Dancer shines and glimmers in white and silver tones. The other side shows the Mud Head Kachina in red coral. the Mud Head represents primitive man; people before they are quite matured fully. They are the the clowns of a village, playfully unaware of responsibilities or worries. Because of this, they can also cause unintended mischief to others. The Kachina Dancer is of course one of the most recognized of Zuni's characters. There are individual Kachinas to embody many of the Zuni's spirits, beliefs, and practices. On this pendant it plays as opposite to young and naive Mud Head. Zuni artistry never ceases to amaze me. The finely cut stones with such intricate patterns are truly amazing.

The final piece I will highlight today is a more modern design in the world of Native American jewelry. This Zuni Pendant features the corn roll technique for it's finely set stones. Unlike the traditional inlay work of the Zuni, the corn roll technique gives each and every stone its own depth and texture. The stones are beveled at the top, giving each transition a 'valley' to distinguish its edges. Traditional Zuni inlay features smooth transitions across the entire piece, where this corn roll technique gives way to a much more tactile piece. No more or less difficult to achieve than traditional inlay, corn roll provides Zuni artists another way to express themselves through shape and color.

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